President Jokowi Direct Review Handling Victims of East Lombok Earthquake

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SUARAJATIM.CO.ID, LOMBOK – The attention of President Joko Widodo to the 6.4 on the Richter Scale (SR) earthquake in Lombok, Bali and Sumbawa is very serious. Just a day later, the number one person in the Republic of Indonesia goes to the field, ensuring the disaster management process is fast, safe and smooth.

Monday, July 30, 2018, President Jokowi has landed at Madayin Square, Madayin Village, Sambelia District, East Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province. The first statement presented by the president is to express his grief and condolences for the victims of the earthquake that occurred on Sunday, July 29, 2018, approximately at 05.47 WIB. “We want to say deep sorrow for this disaster, especially for the deceased. Hopefully his soul is received by Allah SWT and given the best place by His side,” said President on Monday, July 30, 2018, at Madayin Square, Madayin Village , Sambelia District, East Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province. Since Sunday, July 30th, 2018, once the disaster happened to tourist destinations, Minister Arief Yahya also directly move and activate Ministry of Tourism Crisis Center Team. Experience of handling eruption of Mount Agung Bali then become capital to be applied in Lombok. “First, we express our condolences for the victims. Including foreign tourists who are traveling on Mount Rinjani, “said Minister Arief Yahya, told reporters at Balairung Soesilo Soedarman, Sapta Pesona Building, Jakarta. “I have appointed the Head of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Provincial Service (Kadisprov) and the Director of Polytechnic Tourism (Poltekpar) Lombok to lead the process of handling tourists who are on vacation and stuck in Rinjani. We also sent Food trucks of Poltekpar Lombok to prepare food and pick them up at Sembalun, “explained Minister Arief. In addition, today, for those who have not been able to return home to their homeland, some hotels have also used the same Standard of Procedure as in Bali. Namely, ready to accommodate the tourists are free of charge for this day, and followed by providing the best discount, from 75% to 50% at maximum. “We will also take the tourists to the nearest terminal from Lombok, if they can not fly from Lombok International Airport (LIA). Could be to Denpasar, Banyuwangi, or Surabaya for free. We also directly coordinate with the embassies of countries whose citizens are part of the disaster victims, “said Minister of Foreign Affairs Arief Yahya. To be sure, Minister Arief Yahya asserted, that when a natural disaster like this, then it must provide clear, complete and factual information to the public.

To be sure, Minister Arief Yahya asserted, that when a natural disaster like this, then it must provide clear, complete and factual information to the public. Included in the country where they came from. All media channels that become partners of Ministry of Tourism will also be used to convey the message. Kadisprov NTB Then Faozal also held a meeting with Thai Ambassador and team to discuss technical take foreign tourists especially from Thailand from Lombok. The plan, a group of Thai ambassadors will depart and accompanied the Tourism team to Sembalun around 12:30 pm, 30 July 2018 this. Lombok Airport itself, the condition is still normal and operate as usual.

Once arrived at the disaster site, President Joko Widodo ensure handling for the victims of the earthquake run quickly and well. The President also checked the aid for the construction of houses of earthquake victims who collapsed and severely damaged. The President will provide urgent assistance to the public, such as public facilities, schools and houses of worship. The President immediately ordered the Minister of Public Works and Public Housing Basuki Hadimuljono to immediately make improvements. “The collapsed houses, especially those severely damaged, are still in the verification process in the villages and subdistricts, and will be issued by the Governor on how much and soon will be no later than tomorrow morning, as requested by the people, given the money to build this house again, “he said.

Head of State had a dialogue directly to a number of residents who suffered damage to the residence during the review. From the results of the observation, the majority of residents need assistance of building a house of approximately Rp 50 million for each head of the family.

“I have asked how much it would cost to raise an average of Rp 50 million, and will be paid per house of approximately Rp 50 million and will be followed up by the Head of BNPB, supervised by the Ministry of Public Works and supervised by Pak Governor and Regent, “said President Jokowi.

When disaster recovery goes, the President said, the residents will be assisted by the local military command. Also help from the TNI Headquarters, and will be supervised by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing. “I think this is all cooperation,” said President Jokowi a little relieved citizens who are in mourning. President Jokowi ensured that the handling of a number of mountaineers who during the earthquake occurred was in climbing Mount Rinjani has been done. A number of teams from various government agencies have evacuated the climbers. “The one in Rinjani has been processed yesterday by Basarnas, BNPB, and TNI all working together hopefully soon be finished all,” he said.

After conducting a review of disaster management in Madayin Village, the Head of State went to another village and conducted a review of the handling of earthquake victims at the disaster post located at the grounds of SD Negeri 1, Obel-Obel Village, Sambelia District. According to information sourced from Obel-Obel Village Head, as many as 4 people died due to the earthquake that occurred in the region.

Accompanying President and First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo in this review, Minister of Public Works and Public Housing Basuki Hadimuljono, Moeldoko Presidential Chief of Staff, Head of BNPB Willem Rampangilei and West Nusa Tenggara Governor Muhammad Zainul Majdi.

To note, on Sunday, July 29, 2018, yesterday, the Head of State directly led a meeting on the handling of the impact of the earthquake disaster knowing the disaster. The meeting was held at Sultan Muhammad Kaharuddin Airport Sumbawa, Sumbawa Besar Regency. President Jokowi’s quick response, which goes directly to the location and makes concrete decisions is certainly very much awaited. Moreover, Lombok, is one of the tourist destinations that included in 10 New Bali Destination, which all must be handled properly. (*)

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