Morning, office at Crisis Center. Afternoon, 6.2 SR aftershocks

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SUARAJATIM.CO.ID– Landed early morning from Palembang, Tourism Minister Arief Yahya headed directly to the Crisis Center in Ministry of Tourism Office. Monitoring 3A elements; Access, Amenity and Attractions that are continuously being executed and analyzed, to take decisions and accelerate pace. At 13.25 WITA another 6.2 SR powerful quake has hit Lombok.

Tourism Arief Yahya again asked the Crisis Center Team to keep him informed all the latest information about the earthquake. Then an emergency response was made, especially in the 3A elements again; Access, Amenity and Attractions. “The things that are related to the goods are being executed immediately,” said Arief Yahya.

Those who are related to the disaster are quickly being informed to the BNPB post, Ministry of Social Affairs, Search and Resque Agency, Police, Armed Forces, Ministry of Health. In order to get help faster.

“I am aware, this aftershock is very important, the first major earthquake trauma has not disappeared from our memory,” said Arief Yahya while inviting all parties to pray for the people of Lombok and surrounding areas stay fortitude and health.

Arief Yahya also imagined, it’s been 4 days since August 5th 2018, at 6:46 p.m. at the time of the disaster, he must have been physically and mentally very depressed. “May the community stay strong. Because most of Lombok hospitality industries are the people of Lombok themselves and many of their houses are damage from the earthquake, “he said.

Reported by the Head of the Crisis Center Team , Guntur Sakti quoted the new quake was centered on land, 6 km North West of North Lombok, 12 Km Depth, felt (MMI) VI North Lombok, V Mataram, III-IV Klungkung, IV Denpasar, IV Central Lombok, III Sumbawa, II-III Tabanan.

Head of Lombok Tourism, Muhammad Lalu Faozal also added, the earthquake had an impact on several buildings in the Old City of Ampenan. “We have done our field surveyed, many heritage buildings were damaged in Ampenan,” Lalu Faozal said.

However, Guntur Sakti explained, flight activities in Lombok Praya and Bali Ngurah Rai remain safe, normal, and continue to serve well.

“We also monitored via their Twitter accounts, Ngurah Rai Airport (@baliairports) and Lombok International Airport (@ LIA_AP1) for updated information that flights at each airport were normal, not being disrupted by the earthquake,” said Guntur.

Crisis Center Team – TCC, said Guntur also sent geospatial data on tourism in Bali and Lombok from the database of the Data, Information and ICT Section of Ministry of Tourism to the BNPB Data and Information Team, for data collection purposes towards the damaged tourist destinations.

Guntur also reported, the AHA Center through the ASEAN Coordinating Center for Humanitarian Assistance on disaster management in collaboration with BNPB compiled an updated the report on the impact of the Lombok earthquake and published it through its website and twitter (@AHACenter). The data can be used by foreign countries as a reference for information on the impact of the Lombok earthquake.

The AHA Center is an intergovernmental organization formed by 10 ASEAN member countries. Through a declaration signed on November 17th 2011, the AHA Center has One ASEAN One Response vision in disaster management.

Until August 9, 2018, the AHA Center has issued 2 SITUATION UPDATE reports:

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